Provided are a packaging container, a method of manufacturing a packaging container, and a supply device that can easily control an amount of content to be discharged. A packaging container 10 includes a storage chamber 21 for storing a content 23 and a gas chamber 22 formed in contact with the storage chamber 21, the storage chamber 21 has a spout 15 for the content 23, A partition wall part 25 having an injection port 16 for the gas 24 and separating the storage chamber 21 and the gas chamber 22 is formed of a flexible film 12. When the gas 24 is injected from the injection port 16 into the gas chamber 22, the pressure of the gas 24 presses the storage chamber 21 via the partition wall part 25 to spout the content 23 from the injection port 15. Figure 2

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