Provided is a composition that can give a sense of just-just-fried. Branched-chain saturated aldehyde (provided that the number of carbon atoms is limited to 4 or 5) A just-just-fried sensitizing composition containing as an active ingredient a compound of formula (I): In the just-just-fried sensitizing composition, a straight-chain monovalent unsaturated aldehyde having a double bond at the 2-position (provided that the aldehyde is limited to one having 6-11C carbon atoms) By weight of a trans-body. A method for providing a just-fried tare effect of a flavoring composition, comprising the step of adding the just-fried tare composition to the flavoring composition. A method for imparting a deep-fried texture to a deep-fried food, comprising the step of adding the deep-fried texture imparting composition to the deep-fried food or a raw material thereof. None

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