The present invention provides a method of assessing type 2 diabetes susceptibility and/or predicting treatment responsiveness in a human subject, the method comprising determining the identity of at least one allele at each of three or more positions of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) selected from the group consisting of: SLC16A11-rs75493593; HNF1A-rs483353044; TCF7L2-rs7903146; CDKN2A/B-rs10811661; CDKAL1-rs7756992; SLC30A8-rs3802177; IGF2BP2-rs4402960; FTO-rs9936385; PPARG-rs1801282; HHEX/IDE-rs1111875; ADCYS-rs11717195; JAZF1-rs849135; WSF1-rs4458523; INS-IGF2-rs149483638; KCNQ1-rs2237897; and KCNJ11-rs5219, and/or an SNP in linkage disequilibrium with any one of said SNPs at r2>0.8. Also provided are a genotyping tool and a type 2 diabetes risk assessment system for use in the method of the invention.

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