Provided is a bakery food product using phospholipase, which prevents cracking of dough, improves meltability in the mouth, and is excellent in chewiness. A composition for a bakery food product, comprising component (a) and a phospholipase. Component (a): A particulate matter that satisfies the following condition (1): (1) a starch content of 75 mass perent or more; and (2) a starch having an amylose content of 5 mass perent or more, 3 mass perent or more and 45 mass perent or less, The peak molecular weight of the low molecular weight starch is 3x103 or more and 5x104 or less; (3) the degree of cold water swelling in 25 dege Centigrade is 5 or more and 20 or less; and (4) the content of a sieve having an aperture of 0.15 mm under sieve is 20 mass perent or more and 100 mass perent or less

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