To provide a resin composition that is excellent in the formability of a metal film by metal vapor deposition (vapor deposition suitability) and can form a resin cured film having excellent bending resistance, decorative moldability, excoriation resistance, heat resistance, and pencil hardness.SOLUTION: A thermosetting resin composition contains a polyurethane resin (A) having a carboxyl group, an epoxy resin (B) having two or more epoxy groups in one molecule, and a filler (C) having a volume-based cumulative 90 percent diameter (D90) of 5 micro m or less. The polyurethane resin (A) has an acid value of 2-60 mgKOH/g, and the epoxy resin (B) has a number average molecular weight of 1500 or more.SELECTED DRAWING: None

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