To provide a coating composition for forming a primer layer having excellent adhesion between a primer layer and an inorganic oxide layer and excellent surface scratch resistance and high light permeability (low haze) of a base material having a primer layer obtained by coating the base material with the coating composition, and to provide a laminate using the coating composition. An active energy ray-curable coating composition comprising: A polymerizable compound (a) containing at least one of tri-or higher functional (meth) acrylate and tri-or higher functional urethane (meth) acrylate; silica particles (B) having a specific amount of a (meth) acryloyl group having an average particle diameter of 2 and 150 nm; and a specific amount of a leveling agent (C); A coating composition, wherein a substrate having a cured Puromer layer has a haze value of 1 perent or less. None

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