To provide a storage device which enables storing multiple goods properly in a container.SOLUTION: A storage device 1 consists of transportation means 23, first storage means 32 with a vertically movable storage body 31, second storage means 34 with a fixed storage body 33, transfer means 38 with a holding hand 37, first transfer means 36 which transfers goods 2 from the transportation means 23 to the first storage means 32, and second transfer means which transfer goods among the first storage means 32, the second storage means 34, and the holding hand 37. The holding hand 37 arranges that neighboring goods 2 are kept with a space (a) in between, and the transfer means 38 transfers multiple goods 2 into a container by using the holding hand 37 so that they are stored in a predetermined location in the container all at once.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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