Provided are: a method for recycling sterilized water for use in rinsing a sterilized container, in a sterile filler; and a sterile filler. A method for washing a sealed container, which is a method for recycling sterilized water, comprising: a step for sterilizing the container with a microbicide containing hydrogen peroxide; a step for rinsing the sterilized container with sterilized water produced by a sterilized water production device; a step for recovering the sterilized water that has been used to rinse the container; a step for filling the rinsed container with a sterilized material under a sterile atmosphere; a step for sealing the container filled with the material using a sterilized lid member under a sterile atmosphere; and a step for washing the sealed container with the recovered sterilized water containing hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 0.1-50 ppm.

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