Three plasticizers DBP, DEHP and DINP in activated clay were extracted with solvent, and the extracts were cleaned up by SPE column and injected into gas chromatography-mass spectrometer for determination. The content of three plasticizers was used as an indicator, and the pretreatment conditions for determining plasticizer content in activated clay were optimized by single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment. The results showed that the optimal pretreatment conditions for the determination of plasticizer content in activated clay were obtained as follows: methanol-saturated n-hexane used as extraction reagent and its dosage 5 mL (activated clay amount 1 g), extraction time 3 min, and extraction temperature 20 °C. Under the optimal conditions, the contents of DEHP, DINP and DBP in activated clay were 3.621, 0.004, 0.078 mg/kg, respectively.

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