This study aimed to prepare V-type starch nanoparticles composed of debranched starch and fatty acid using a novel, simple, and fast oil-water interface method. The average size of the starch nanoparticles was 144-377 nm and included two different sizes of particles: large particles of approximately 110-1000 nm and small particles of approximately 30-105 nm. The average size was smaller for starch nanoparticles prepared at 25°C was smaller than at 60°C. The XRD pattern indicated that the starch nanoparticles were V-type structures, including V-type and VII-type. The long-range and short-range order of starch nanoparticles were affected by the preparation conditions. Stirring treatment disrupts the orderly arrangement of the helical structures, resulting in a low relative crystallinity of the starch nanoparticles. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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