The growing plant protein market has encouraged the use of various emerging and novel techniques for protein extraction, which results in a high-quality protein. The extracted protein can aid in developing plant-based meat analogues with meat-like texture and sensory attributes. Improvement in plant protein's functional and nutritional properties could further augment its market. The present review focuses on the potential of power ultrasound to enhance the application of plant protein. The review highlights the ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE); and ultrasound treatment of proteins and their effect on different properties such as solubility, emulsification, rheological changes, surface hydrophobicity, and thermal stability. The secondary structure of the proteins modifies due to cavitation, which results in enhanced techno-functional properties of the proteins. In addition, the review discusses how ultrasonication can reduce the allergenicity and antinutritional factors present in the plant-sourced proteins. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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