Understanding the transition from an isotropic liquid state to an organized crystalline state of triacylglycerols has great significance when designing lipid-based materials in general and food products in particular. In the current research, the balance between the demand for the tuning-fork (Tf) conformation, which is the suitable conformation for most crystalline organizations, and the supply of these molecules was discussed. Based on the negative dependency of the nucleation rates and the induction times on temperature, it was suggested that the limiting factor for the nucleation process is the conversion from the Tf conformation to any other conformation. On the other hand, based on the positive dependency of the melting temperatures and enthalpies on crystallization temperature, and the organized morphologies obtained at higher temperatures, it was suggested that the limiting factor during the crystal growth process is the conversion to the Tf conformation from another conformation. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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