Problem to be solved. To provide effective cathepsin V activity promoters and GATA-3 production inhibitors containing botanical ingredients that are less likely to cause rough skin. Solution. The present invention is characterized by containing a mandarin orange extract and/or a loofah extract. The invention is characterized by promoting the enzymatic activity of cathepsin V involved in the degradation of the inner root sheath of a hair follicle, or suppressing the production of GATA-3 involved in the formation of the inner root sheath, the invention suppressing the formation of keratin plugs and disassembling the keratin plugs to eliminate the keratin plugs accumulated in the pores to eliminate the clogging of the pores, and further having the effects of improving the conspicuity of the pores and the conspicuity of the body hair. The invention of the present application can be incorporated into pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, foods and the like.

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