Problem to be solved. To provide a liquid nutritive composition that contains the three major nutrients in a balanced manner and has high energy, but yet has an enough viscosity to be drunk with a straw, and also has a good flavor and high state stability. Solution. A liquid nutritive composition contains protein (A), carbohydrate (B), and fat (C) and has a viscosity at 20 °C of 10-50 mPa s, and 1.0 kcal/mL or more, the protein (A) including milk protein (a1) and collagen peptide (a2), the carbohydrate (B) including dextrin (b1) with a DE value of 10-30, the fat (C) including liquid oil (C1); and the protein (A) content being 5-10 mass%, the carbohydrate (B) content being 12-20 mass%, the fat (C) content being 5-10 mass%.

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