The present disclosure discloses a method for preventing or treating chemotherapy induced leukopenia in a subject said method comprising: (a) administering at least one chemotherapeutic agent to a subject; (b) administering pegfilgrastim in the range of 5-7mg to the subject within a time period in the range of 22-25 hours after the end of administering the chemotherapeutic agent; and (c) introducing jackfruit flour as a dietary intervention for 15-20 days for preventing chemotherapy induced leukopenia in the subject wherein the jackfruit flour is introduced within 22-25 hours from the start of administering the chemotherapeutic agent and wherein the jackfruit flour comprises a combination of flour of jackfruit fruits, seeds and strands. The present disclosure also discloses jackfruit flour and jackfruit flour in the form of fortified flour and fortified beverage for use in preventing or treating chemotherapy induced leukopenia.

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