Adulteration in Basmati rice is a rife phenomenon either due to unavoidable postharvest procedures or intentionally by exporters to gain more profit. SSR marker based multiplex and singleplex assay is being used for detection and quantification of adulteration in Basmati rice using bulked-seed. Identification of different varieties present in the complex Basmati sample which is a mix of more than two varieties is not feasible from analysis on the bulked-seed. Therefore, we have undertaken genotyping using multiplex-PCR of SSR markers on 20 randomly selected single grains from complex samples and the results revealed accurate adulteration levels and presence of different types of admixtures in complex Basmati samples. More importantly this method helped in identifying hybrid (double) profiles for markers indicating outcrossing in Basmati rice. © Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India) 2022.

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