The aim of the current study was to to investigate the influence of cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.; CM) extract on ovariectomy-induced metabolic changes including bone loss, obesity development, adipokines imbalance and oxidative stress. Intragastrical administration of CM ameliorated ovariectomy-induced weight gain and decreased accumulation of visceral fat tissue. It counteracted adipokines imbalance, increasing visfatin and resistin and decreasing adiponectin levels. CM reduced oxidative stress normalizing GPx, and SOD activity, and GSH/GSSG ratio. It ameliorated ovariectomy-induced decrease in femoral and tibial bone mineral density (BMD), prevented the deterioration in Young's modulus and flexural strength and counteracted ovariectomy-induced decrease in serum calcium level. To our best knowledge this is the first study that demonstrated bone-protective properties of C. mas and its protection against ovarian-cessation obesity, oxidative stress and adipokines imbalance that belong to important risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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