Low density polyethylene (LDPE) based nanocomposite films made from different levels of nanoclay, compatibilizer and thickness were evaluated for the storage stability of sugarcane juice for 60 days under ambient condition. During the storage period, important physico-chemical properties such as pH, total sugars, total soluble solids and overall acceptability were decreased with respect to increased level of nanoclay and compatibilizer as well as decreased thickness of film. Total plate count was nil till the storage period of 15 days and then there was an increase in microbial population. Similarly, the overall color difference was also increased during the storage period. The better storage stability with respect to biochemical characteristics, overall acceptability and microbial load was recorded in the 100 µm thick LDPE nano composite films developed from 93 percent LDPE, 2 percent nanoclay and 5 percent compatibilizer. © Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India) 2021.

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