Interest in plant-based food has grown in recent years due to their primary prevention potential. Za'atar, an ancient and popular Lebanese herbal mixture, might disclose relevant clinical interest, due to the well-known intrinsic properties of its individual components. Za'atar mixture contain Origanum syriacum (Lebanese thyme), Thymbra spicata (Wild thyme), Rhus coriaria (Sumac), and Sesamum indicum (sesame). Here we explored the history, composition, general employment, and bio-active aspects of Za'atar through available in vitro, animal, and clinical trials evidence to depict its possible role as an innovative nutraceutical tool. The combined action of Za'atar constituents is able to generate comprehensive beneficial effects on several common pathogenic pathways underlying chronic cardio-metabolic diseases and cancer. However, main available evidence derives from animal and in vitro studies. Thus, further human studies are needed to fully characterize Za'atar as a preventive and curative tool. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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