Analysis of total dietary fiber (TDF) is an expensive method due to the use of enzymes. The present study compared the measured TDF content in dry fruits using two methods (enzymatic gravimetric method with and without enzymes α-amylase, protease and amyloglucosidase) to validate the cost-effective non-enzymatic analysis for TDF measurement. The study analyzed 16 samples of dry fruits: 12 date fruit cultivars (ten from UAE and two from Sudan) and two samples of figs and raisins. We found comparable TDF content in the dry fruits with and without the addition of enzymes in our analysis. Our results indicate that the level of agreement between the enzymatic and non-enzymatic methods falls within the acceptable range. Based on these results the non-enzymatic method can be a suitable, cost effective alternative to the enzymatic method for TDF analysis in dry fruits with low starch and protein contents. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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