In this paper, a pseudo-ternary phase diagram and star point design-response surface optimization were used to prepare the coix seed oil self-nanoemulsifying delivery system (CSO-SNEDS), and the characterization and in vitro release studies of CSO-SNEDS were investigated. The results show that the optimal component of the formula is Tween60/Span20/glycerol/coix seed oil. Among them, the coix seed oil mass fraction was 16.11%, and the ratio of the composite surfactant (Tween60/Span20=9:1) to cosmfactant (glycerol) is 3.54. The CSO-SNEDS is a clear, transparent liquid that appears yellow. After dilution, it can form a uniform and stable nanoemulsion. The average particle size, polydispersity index, and ζ-potential are 47.52 nm, 0.188, -15.7 mV, respectively. The in vitro release kinetics of CSOSNEDS in artificial gastric fluid and artificial intestinal fluid complies with the Ritger-Peppas equation with fitting coefficients of 0.731 and 0.912, respectively. Both release mechanisms are consistent with Fickian diffusion.

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