A tubeless smoothie vending machine including a tubeless electro-mechanically actuated dispensing nozzle attached to each smoothie dispensing tank, a cup retrieval system to retrieve an empty cup and move the cup to each selected dispensing nozzle, a portal in the cup retrieval system to transfer the cup through the cup retrieval system, a receiving shelf to receive the filled cup, a dispenser system to drop dry food product into the beverage filled cup, and an access door to open when the beverage filled cup is ready to vend to the customer. Tubes for delivering beverage to the cup are eliminated. A consolidated smoothie vending machine having a plurality of integrated smoothie blenders, a dry food supplement delivery assembly, a straw delivery assembly, and a lid delivery assembly. In one example, the smoothie blenders are stacked. In one example, the smoothie blenders are attached to sliding shelving.

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