A dietary symbiotic supplement of okara, a by-product of tofu manufacturing with Bacillus coagulans lilac-01 found to reduce secondary bile acid (BA) in a rat study and cholic acid (CA), a primary 12α-hydroxylated (12αOH) BA, induces lipid accumulation in rats. In this study, we investigated whether dietary supplementation of a synbiotic with okara and Bacillus coagulans lilac-01 improves CA-induced hepatic lipid accumulation. Male Wistar/ST rats (4 weeks old) were fed with or without CA-supplementation combined with the synbiotic for 2 weeks. The CA diet increased hepatic triglycerides and the synbiotic diet in combination with CA normalized liver triglyceride concentration accompanied by suppression of hepatic fatty acid synthase expression, enhancement of fecal triglyceride excretion, and increase in fecal non-12αOH BA excretion. Dietary supplementation with the okara synbiotic ameliorated hepatic lipid accumulation probably by reducing de novo lipogenesis and enhancing fecal triglyceride excretion. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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