Cholesterol-lowered shrimp lipid was loaded into liposomes using different stabilisers, namely glycerol (Gl-Lp), cholesterol (Ch-Lp) and pectin, combined with glycerol (Pe-Gl-Lp). Ch-Lp liposomes were the largest. Pe-Gl-Lp had the lowest negative charge and polydispersity index. Generally, encapsulation efficiency was higher in Ch-Lp. Oxidation values confirmed cholesterol oxidation in Ch-Lp, more likely induced by ultrasonication. Based on the liposome characteristics and oxidative stability, Pe-Gl-Lp at different levels (1%, 3% and 5%, V/V) was used to fortify peach tea drink. Peach tea drink containing 3% Pe-Gl-Lp showed an overall liking score of 7.2. It also contained increased amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and astaxanthin. Overall, pectin in combination with glycerol was proved as a potential stabiliser for liposomes loaded with cholesterol-lowered shrimp lipid. Fortification with liposomes at 3% could increase the health benefits of the resulting drink. © 2021 Institute of Food, Science and Technology (IFSTTF).

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