An automated, computer-controlled, cooking system for use with user selectable ones of a plurality of different pre-sealed computerized cooking containers containing dry contents (PSCCCCDC) useful in preparing corresponding different food products, the system including a microwave radiation generator, a PSCCCCDC support for supporting a user-selected one of the plurality of different PSCCCCDCs during cooking, a computer-controlled liquid supply subsystem for supplying liquid to the selected PSCCCCDC, a computer-controlled stirrer subsystem for producing stirring of the dry contents of the PSCCCCDC together with the liquid, a cooking instructions input interface for receiving PSCCCCDC specific cooking instructions and a computer controller operative to control operation of at least the computer-controlled liquid supply subsystem, the computer-controlled stirrer subsystem and the microwave radiation generator in a predetermined sequence corresponding to and specifically adapted for cooking the contents of the selected PSCCC-CDC in accordance with the PSCCCCDC specific cooking instructions.

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