The present invention patent relates to a beverage compound (10) that includes alcohol, in the form of soluble powder (23a) or liquid (23b), and also other powdered or liquid ingredients (A2), such as coffee, tea, chocolate, flavouring/colouring agents (21) and other ingredients (22); said alcoholic beverage compound (10) comprises a single-dose volume that is stored in an all-in-one disposable capsule (30) / (30′) / (30″) for instant preparation using a liquid solution (50), such as water or some other suitable solution from a conventional electric machine, such as a coffee maker (40), (40′), (40″) or the like; by means of the encapsulated alcoholic beverage compound (10) it is possible to prepare, at any time, individual doses of beverages such as traditional drinks (DK) from various regions of the world or specially developed recipes containing alcohol.

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