An absorbent paper laminate, having an absorbent paper layer, a nonabsorbent high-density paper layer and an adhesive applied in a layer between the absorbent and nonabsorbent layers forming a laminate. The laminate has a surface which is provided with an array of perforations formed by needle punctures or a series of slits sized to allow steam to pass therethrough while retaining grease and oil in the absorbent paper layer. The preferred adhesive layer is selectively in a cellular pattern. A paper board food container can be formed having an absorbent paper laminate body defining a cavity for receiving a food item and absorb grease and oil. Optionally an exterior surface of the container is sized to be held in the hands of a user having an exterior surface with a second absorbent layer that can act as a napkin absorbing grease and oil from the hands of the user.

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