A bitter buckwheat liquor and a brewing process therefor, which uses shelled bitter buckwheat as raw material to produce bitter buckwheat liquor through emulsion blending, drum curing, pH adjustment, fermentation and distillation. The method enriches the buckwheat-scented flavor of the bitter buckwheat liquor by the addition during the emulsion blending process of an organic acid solution, facilitating fermentation through amylolysis into small-molecule sugars and enhancing the scent of the liquor with esters generated by the reaction between organic acid and alcohol; improves the alcohol yield of the liquor by fast-curing the raw material with drum drying technologies and facilitating the generation of sugar; and generates a unique buckwheat scented flavor of bitter buckwheat liquor using liquid-state fermentation. The use of mash solutions produced in fermentation instead of the customary water effectively facilitates the esterification of alcohol and acid, generating greater scent and enhancing the scent of the liquor body.

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