Disclosed are an active polysaccharide compound nutrient capable of enhancing immunity and resisting fatigue and a preparation method therefor. The active polysaccharide compound nutrient comprises 10-12 parts of lentinan, 8-10 parts of laminarin, 5-8 parts of Lycii fructus, 10-15 parts of common mussel extract, 10-15 parts of organic selenium protein powder, 8-10 parts of walnut seeds, 3-5 parts of black soybean powder, 2-3 parts of Panacis quinquefolii radix extract, 1-2 parts of Schisandrae chinensis fructus, 1-2 parts of Ophiopogonis radix, 1-2 parts of nutritional yeast, 5-10 parts of L-arabinose, 5-8 parts of xylitol, and 0.2-0.3 parts of pancreatin by weight. The method for preparing the nutrient comprises the steps of crushing the raw materials, mixing the crushed raw materials, stirring the mixture, adding deionized water to the mixture for dissolution, concentrating same, drying same under a reduced pressure, etc.

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