Problem to be solved. To provide an apparatus and method for manufacturing tofu, capable of uniformly mixing a small amount of soybean milk with a coagulant for a short time to manufacture tofu little by little each time without solidification unevenness, and manufacturing the tofu without overflowing the soybean milk from a soybean milk vessel. Solution. An apparatus 1 for manufacturing tofu, comprises: a soybean milk vessel 3; a soybean milk injection nozzle 4; a coagulant injection nozzle 5 including a coagulant injection port 7 and an agitating blade 8; and a nozzle drive mechanism 9 for vertically moving and rotating the coagulant injection nozzle. Soybean milk 2 is coagulated by mixing the soybean milk with the coagulant by the agitating blade while injecting a coagulant to the soybean milk, adjacently and separately moving the coagulant injection nozzle while rotating and supplying the coagulant to the soybean milk.

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