The present invention relates to the field of antimicrobial agents active against Salmonella bacteria. In particular, the present invention relates to polypeptides comprising a first and a second amino acid sequence, wherein the first amino acid sequence is an endolysin, and wherein the second amino acid sequence is an antimicrobial peptide, cationic peptide, hydrophobic peptide, amphipathic peptide or sushi peptide, and wherein the polypeptide comprises at least one sequence selected from the group consisting of SEQ ID NO:1, SEQ ID NO:3, SEQ ID NO:4 and derivatives thereof. In addition, the present invention relates to nucleic acids encoding such polypeptides, vectors comprising such nucleic acids, and corresponding host cells. Finally, the present invention relates to applications of the inventive polypeptides, nucleic acids, vectors, and/or host cells, in particular in the pharmaceutical field and in the field of food and feed.

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