An apparatus (1) for rising food doughs comprises: a dough-rising compartment (10) having an internal space (V) and configured to contain the food doughs; a thermal conditioning system (30), associated with the dough-rising compartment (10) and configured to adjust the ambient temperature of the internal space (V) of the dough-rising compartment (10); a temperature sensor (21), mounted in the internal space (V) of the dough-rising compartment (10) to generate a temperature signal (210); a control unit (40), connected to the temperature sensor (21) for receiving the temperature signal (210) and programmed for generating control signals (401), as a function of the temperature signal (210). The temperature sensor (21) comprises a pin (211) having a measuring end (211') which can be inserted in one of the food doughs contained in the dough-rising compartment (10) for measuring an internal temperature.

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