Processes, systems and articles of manufacture are described relating to edible meat pieces, specifically jerky-style pet foods, obtained from a continuous process where each piece generally appears to be home cooked on a grill or cooked in a smoke house with randomized sear and grill marks and smoke aroma. Processes for manufacturing the shelf-stable pet food treats comprise: starting with proteinaceous material (ground or whole); mixing the proteinaceous material with preservatives and flavour enhancers to form a food; extruding proteinaceous material (if ground) through ≥1 die opening that is at least partially irregular to form ≥1 strip of extrudate; cooking the extrudate or whole proteinaceous material to form a cooked product; coating the cooked product with a basting solution; grilling the basted products to obtain grilled products with searing, grill marks and smoke aroma; and cutting the grilled product at a cutting angle into pieces.

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