Equipment, method and system of popping popcorn are described which include an automatic popcorn vending machine. The equipment can comprise a popcorn popper, a popped popcorn hopper and a dispensing mechanism in communication with the hopper. On actuation, the dispensing mechanism dispenses ≥1 servings from the hopper. The equipment may further comprise a dosing mechanism to provide sequential doses of unpopped corn to the popper to make batches of popped popcorn. In another aspect of the invention, a sensor senses when popped popcorn in the hopper exceeds a pre-determined level or amount and instigates a signal to actuate the dosing mechanism to fill the hopper. In the system, a self-contained cabinet includes the popper, hopper, dispensing mechanism and dosing mechanism, as well as a control circuit and actuators to operate the dosing and dispensing mechanisms.

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