Abstracts of contributions given at the annual meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), held on 16-20 July 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, are available via the IFT web site (http://ift.confex.com/ift/2005/boa.htm). This online Book of Abstracts is arranged in order of their original presentation at symposia, poster sessions, oral sessions and forums; they are also available in searchable form (http://ift.confex.com/ift/2005/techprogram/). Topics covered include: carbohydrates; dairy foods; fruit and vegetable products; muscle foods; aquatic food products; fermented foods and beverages; refrigerated and frozen foods; religious and ethnic foods; nutraceutical and functional foods; citrus products; nutrition; food chemistry; food engineering; biotechnology; nonthermal processing; innovations in food technology; product development; food packaging; food microbiology; toxicology and safety evaluation; quality assurance; sensory evaluation; food law and regulations; and marketing and management. [See FSTA 2004-11-Aa1826 for the 2004 IFT Annual Meeting.]

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