The capacity of a membrane-filtration process is increased by subjecting the milk or milk products to enzymic coagulation, preferably involving (in continuous systems) pre-renneting at <10A° C for about 6 h and subsequent rapid coagulation, usually at 30-50A° C. According to an example relating to batch preparation of a cheese base for processed cheese manufacture, HTST-pasteurized milk was coagulated at 40A° C with 30 ml Chr. Hansen Standard rennet/100 kg in about 25 min with vigorous stirring and ultrafiltered at 40-44A° C and 4-5 bar pressure in a DDS ultrafiltration system type 37 with GR-51-PP membranes. An hourly flux of 110 l/m2 was obtained in the production of a retentate with 40% TS vs. 10-12 l/m2 for processes without renneting.

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