Method is described for quickly and easily determining the presence and concn. of aflatoxins in groundnuts. Aflatoxins are extracted from ground groundnuts with a methanol/water solution using a tissuemizer. The extracted sample is filtered and an aliquot of the filtrate is transferred to a separatory funnel. A salt solution is added to remove interferences. The combined aqueous solution is then extracted with dichloromethane. The dichloromethane extract is evaporated to dryness, trifluoroacetic acid is then added and the resulting residue taken up in the mobile phase. The solution is then passed through a minicolumn for filtration and final cleanup. An aliquot is then injected into a high pressure liquid chromatograph system for separation of the 4 aflatoxin components, B1, B2, G1 and G2. Quantitation is performed using a filter fluorescence detector.

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