This book contains 5 comprehensive reviews. They are entitled: Design and operation of immobilized enzyme reactors, by W. H. Pitcher, Jr. (pp. 1-26, 120 ref.); Biotechnology of immobilized multienzyme systems, by S. A. Barker & P. J. Somers (pp. 27-49, 64 ref.); Carriers for immobilized biologically active systems, by R. A. Messing (pp. 51-73, 43 ref.); Industrial applications of immobilized biocatalysts, by P. Brodelius (pp. 75-129, 206 ref.); which includes chapters on engineering aspects, and applications in the food industry (pp. 86-109), dealing with the sugar industry, dairy industry, production of amino acids, and miscellaneous applications (beer, juice and wine industries, and production of nucleotides); and Starch hydrolysis by immobilized enzymes - industrial applications, by B. Solomon (pp. 131-177, 211 ref.), which includes a list of widely used industrial enzyme preparations marketed in the USA, their principal and additional enzymes, primary action on substrate, and uses.

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